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Your complete retail Forex front-end & back-end solution

For existing or aspiring Forex and CFD brokers who would like to offer the “MT4” (MetaTrader) trading platform, Tiburon is an all-in-one brokerage in a box consisting of front-end solutions, as well as server and back-office support. We also offer a low-cost solution for start-up brokers to get your brokerage off the ground in no time flat. Our Suites are used by multiple brokers across the globe.

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Solutions for startups

Start Your Own Brokerage

The foreign exchange (FX) market now generates an impressive $4 trillion a day, making it the largest market (by volume) in the world.
By combining our leading-edge technology and years of expertise in the FX industry, Tiburon can deliver the forex market directly to any entrepreneur interested in starting his or her own FX brokerage. If you're looking to become a Forex broker, our Starting Brokerage package is available at a variety of price points and capabilities and includes everything you’ll need to take advantage of the opportunities available in the foreign exchange market.

Typical Clients Include:
  • Investors
  • Professional Traders
  • Introducing Brokers
  • Employees of existing Forex brokerages
  • Banks looking to start their own FX operations
  • Entrepreneurs looking to untap potential of the world’s biggest financial market

We offer a standard as well as a completely customizable integrated solution that includes everything a brokerage needs: trading technology (MT4 with real-time back office, servers, support, consulting and configuration), liquidity, legal (incorporation and bank accounts), operational compliance, 24/6 support and real-time monitoring and training.

Solutions for already established brokers

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For Forex and CFD brokers who want to hit the ground running, Tiburon solution for already established brokers offers regulation services by an experienced team equipped with the knowledge required to set up an authorized Forex brokerage. Spend less time coping with the constant changes to Forex industry bureaucracy, and more time helping your traders. Tiburon makes starting your own Forex brokerage painless by streamlining regulation and letting you focus on what you do best: finding and retaining clients.